martes, 18 de junio de 2013

My Space year

Last Sunday, June 16th I became a 30 y/old man. Yes. 50th anniversary of Tereshkova´s flight.
This last year many things have happened. A new home, a new job, and a great experience that has changed the course of my life.

In early 2012 I saw a contest/event organized by ESA that was about going to ESTEC and asking a question to an Astronaut orbiting Earth.Eighty people assisted and just 10 had the chance to personally talk to Andre, the Dutch Astronaut  I applied without hoping I was going to be selected. BUT I WAS.

The next months I was very excited, a lot of unknown people that I was starting to meet via twitter, a foreign country, and a new experience, going to ESA, a dream of childhood.  I confirmed my assistance and started to believe what was happening to me when I recieved an email telling my question had been selected to be between the 10 ones.

Three weeeks later I was standing on Space Museum with @4TuneQkie , @travelholic @timmermansr and many other German and Dutch friends that made me feel so comfortable
Later on, at ESTEC access control with a bunch of people in a queue to start #Andretweetup.

I was very nervous when my turn arrived and I had the honour to see my voice sounded inside ISS :) my voice in orbit, weightlessness...
I was upthere beside Christer Fuglesang and speaking live with ISS...

That 2012 month of may was amazing, as I also got my job in Airbus (via Sogeti)  A400M Flight Tests Deparment, where I have worked in the Telemmetry room where all the airbus aircraft you all fly in were followed while Flight Testing, A320, A330, A340, A380,A350 and A400M. I have also be honoured to work with an astronaut from EGVT.

I have become part of Universe Awareness (I owe you a space-tale I will deliver) and of World Space Week and I am trying to organize some funny science activities for WSW.

The most important thing is that I have realized I can achieve any dream if I push harder, that limits are just imposed by ourseleves and that the world is full of special and kind people,  and my curiosity is not alone anymore and never has been. Now I am conscious I can go farther I thought I could 10 years ago.

So if you desire, if you dream go for it, there are no barriers, no limits.

I love this quote by an Indian female Astronaut

" Inspire. Be the difference."

Thanks for the pic to @Esa_es communication guys. I treasure that moment.

Someday I will listen to this upthere, above us all, even a big part of myself. I believe:

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